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At WHITING CLINIC, we offer the lowest price in the Twin Cities for Custom Lifetime LASIK, guaranteed! We work hard to make LASIK an affordable option, while maintaining the high level of care and outcomes for which Dr. Whiting and his team are known. WHITING CLINIC'S average price of $1,345 per eye sits well below what many other LASIK providers charge, yet we don't skimp on the experience or the technology to get you the best possible results. You get the best of both worlds at WHITING CLINIC!


WHITING CLINIC now offers the latest in All Laser LASIK technology! All Laser Femtosecond is the most advanced way of creating the flap during the LASIK procedure. This may benefit those who have not been able to have LASIK in the past with traditional methods. All Laser LASIK has an everyday low price of $1,795 per eye. 


LIFETIME COMMITMENT! WHITING CLINIC stands by your LASIK for a lifetime! This means that if your vision changes and you are able to safely have an additional laser treatment, you won't have to pay for the procedure again - you'll be covered for a lifetime.  All procedures at WHITING CLINIC are customized to the individual specifications of your eyes and include our Lifetime Commitment of Care!  


BEST PRICE ON CUSTOM LASIK, GUARANTEED! WHITING CLINIC has a Best Price Guarantee because we believe everyone deserves the very best in LASIK. Don't settle for subpar technology, enhancement coverage or surgical experience because you found a lower price elsewhere. Contact us with the detail and we'll match any price service for service! 


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