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Advanced Lens Implants

LENS IMPLANTS ARE AN EXCITING TECHNOLOGY THAT ALLOW US TO TREAT MORE PATIENTS THAN EVER BEFORE. Advanced Multifocal IOLs are lens implants that will replace your existing damaged lens. An IOL may be recommended if you have developed a cataract and need a lens replacement. For decades, the only option was the standard monofocal lens, requiring many patients to use reading glasses for near vision correction. The development of ADVANCED Multifocal IOLs has added another option for cataract patients, making it possible to see clearly at near AND far distances.


If you are not a LASIK candidate due to severe nearsightedness, but are too young to have developed a cataract, an ICL may be recommended. This lens implant is inserted between your iris and your lens without altering your eye’s structure. In the past, patients with extreme prescriptions or thinner than average corneas would have been stuck with glasses or contacts for clear vision. Today, advancements in technology allow us to correct severe nearsightedness with lens implants.