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INDUSTRY EXPERTS ESTIMATE FOUR OUT OF FIVE PEOPLE FROM THE TWIN CITIES AREA HAVE CHOSEN DR. DAVID WHITING TO DO THEIR LASIK PROCEDURE. From just around the corner to the other end of the world, people seek the expertise of Dr. Whiting. Even other LASIK providers acknowledge Dr. Whiting has individually performed more LASIK on patients in the Twin Cities area than any other LASIK surgeon.  Ask around, you’ll find Dr. Whiting’s reputation and outcomes speak for themselves!


At WHITING CLINIC, our mission remains to provide the best, safest outcomes and exceptional service in an atmosphere that respects the needs and comfort of each individual patient. Nothing else matters more.


The live-feed of video testimonials on the right hand side of the screen are just a few accounts of how LASIK has changed the lives of our patients.  Visit our Facebook page to see more videos and learn more about the WHITING CLINIC experience directly from our patients!