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Multifocal IOLS

INTRAOCULAR LENSES (OR IOLS) ARE SURGICAL LENS IMPLANTS USED TO REPLACE LENSES CLOUDED BY CATARACTS. For many years, the standard IOL has been a monofocal lens that would offer you correction free distance vision but require glasses for near vision. Advancements in technology have created a multifocal IOL that allows clear, correction free distance, intermediate and near vision.


The ADVANCED Multifocal Lens most closely resembles the youthful eye and can provide a full range of vision. This means you will be able to see clearly at all distances without corrective eyewear, even during close-up activities like reading or working on the computer. Choosing the multifocal ReSTOR, Crystalens, or Tecnis lens could eliminate your need for glasses or contact lenses.  Dr. Whiting will recommend the best technology for your individual vision needs.