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Wondering what LASIK surgery is like at Whiting Clinic? You’re not alone! Many patients considering LASIK are curious about the experience of others who have undergone the procedure. Here at Whiting Clinic, we understand the importance of transparency and want to help you make an informed decision. That’s why we’ve gathered real patient testimonials, sharing their personal journeys and the life-changing impact LASIK has had on their vision and overall well-being. Dive into their stories and discover if LASIK could be the right choice for you too!

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  • The staff at Whiting were incredible. From consult to post op, I felt like I was in the best hands. I have nothing but great things to say about them all. Thank you Whiting clinic team. You all rock!!
    Martha Wald

    Fridley, MN

  • The Whiting Clinic is an amazing company. From the moment I walked in, they were friendly, accommodating and so nice. They made sure that I knew what was happening every step of the way. Rebecca got me set up with my consultation and ready to see the doctor. When it was time for my procedure Dr. January is a very skilled doctor who performed my procedure perfectly and seamlessly. They even offered a surgery sloth for comfort (I have bad anxiety). The staff in the OR were so very kind and funny!! I would highly recommend The Whiting Clinic if you are in the market for lasik! They also offer financing, I was approved on the spot and took minuets to set up and move forward. You will not regret coming here!
    Tommy Stai

    Hugo, MN

  • The experience at Whiting was exceptional. I was -9.0 in the right eye and -8.5 in the left (and have had glasses since elementary school). I had to wear readers if I had contacts in. I now have 20/20 vision and don’t need readers. It’s transformative. The folks at Whiting were professional, helpful, consultative, and funny. The procedure took less than 20 minutes. I can’t recommend them enough.
    Michael Opperman

    Minneapolis, MN

  • I had a great experience with my Lasik journey. From the beginning to the end everyone was very accommodating, professional, and efficient. Thank you to Dr. Liegner and entire staff at Whiting Clinic for my great eye sight!
    Agne Smith

    Marais, MN

  • The whole process was easy and simple. The team explained everything and alleviated all of my fears/questions. All of the post op procedures were laid out well and I’m very happy with the results. Thank you so much!
    Logan Heinecke

    Columbia Heights, MN