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What is the Whiting Lifetime Advantage?

Whiting Clinic boasts incredible confidence in the long-term stability of its LASIK procedures. To back this commitment, they offer the Whiting Lifetime Advantage program, ensuring patients maintain optimal vision throughout their lives.

LASIK information

Eligibility for Whiting Lifetime Advantage Program

  • Undergone LASIK at Whiting Clinic
  • Completed post-operative appointments
  • Attended annual eye exams as recommended
  • Consulted with a Whiting Clinic expert for details

Benefits of Whiting Lifetime Advantage

Our primary goal is to support patients in preserving the highest quality vision throughout their lives. Here’s what the Whiting Lifetime Advantage Program offers:

  • Free additional treatment for qualifying patients experiencing vision changes over time, using the same technology as the original procedure.
  • Automatic program enrollment upon LASIK completion.
  • Discounted custom LASIK enhancements: pay the difference between standard LASIK and custom LASIK cost if you had standard LASIK initially. Custom LASIK enhancements are free for patients who already had custom LASIK.
  • Whiting Standard Enhancement Policy: covers the cost of an enhancement using the same technology if your vision worsens within the first year after LASIK.

Every eligible LASIK patient at Whiting is covered under the Whiting Standard Enhancement Policy. If vision worsens within a year, the cost of an enhancement treatment using the same technology is covered by Whiting Clinic.

Choose Whiting for LASIK and enjoy the peace of mind of lifetime vision support.