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WHITING CLINIC WAS DESIGNED TO BE A CONSTANT CELEBRATION OF OUR GREATEST SENSE - VISION. From the natural light that floods the lobby to the eye-catching splashes of color on the walls you’ll “see the difference” from the moment you step into the clinic. Even our WHITING CLINIC staff believes in celebrating you and your vision at each and every step of your experience. The art work hanging on every wall was custom-made to emulate the clarity and inspiration of our website images and the building actually comes alive with color at night!     


You’ll notice the attention to detail meant to make each patient’s experience exceptional. The placement of private patient rooms and common areas are tailored to elevate the level of care and comfort during each visit.  Patients interact with the latest iPad technology during their visit and even get to select their favorite color to display and music to play during their procedure.  


WHITING CLINIC looks forward to using paperless records and other interactive technologies to both complement each patient’s experience and greatly reduce our resource consumption. When building WHITING CLINIC Dr. Whiting chose to adapt and reuse an existing structure, and has worked with the design and construction teams to recycle building materials. Electronic lighting systems, non-toxic paints, and a white roofing system are all strategies employed by WHITING CLINIC to create a sustainable and responsible clinic environment for you and the community.