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Candidacy Exam

FINDING OUT IS FREE.  Normally a $150 charge, WHITING CLINIC waives the exam fee upfront because we believe so strongly in giving you all the information necessary to make the right treatment choice. 


Your LASIK exam will last approximately 90 minutes.  You will spend this time with some of the most experienced individuals in the field of LASIK and at the end of the visit you will receive a candidacy recommendation tailored specifically for your needs. Your LASIK examination involves meticulous diagnostic testing, and gives us the opportunity to learn more about you and your lifestyle. All of these factors play an important role in recommending the vision correction procedure that’s right for you. Dr. Whiting is seen as an industry leader and has trained and mentored many other LASIK surgeons so you can feel confident in the recommendation you receive from  WHITING CLINIC. 


Watch Cities97’s Keri Noble as she take a tour of WHITING CLINIC during her LASIK exam!  


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